How does Distance Healing Work?

Remote (aka, Distance) Healing Sessions

Space and time are relative in the "shamanic" view of the cosmos. I witnessed this during my near death experience and continue to observe it during my engagement with non-physical existence. As the veil has lifted, quantum physics shows us this to be true from a scientific perspective. All of reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, light and information according to modern physicists. In the quantum realm everything is considered energy, alive and connected; a conscious intelligence, connected to the matrix or "web" of all existence.

The ancients may not have had knowledge of these modern-day terms, but they absolutely possessed the technological wisdom of it. They understood that humans, rather than being subject to rules of matter or physical form, moved and flowed within the timeless, limitless forms of Energy and Spirit.

How long distance healing works

A remote healing session is done in a fashion similar to what I would do if you were having a session with me in person; yet I am working in the quantum field of the Universe.

You may feel “something” is happening or experience a shift at any point during the session, or you may not have a sense that anything is happening at all. This depends on your sensitivity and the innate wisdom your body-mind contains to deliver and integrate the healing according to your personal needs. Check out a few testimonials if you are curious as to others’ experience.

The best results manifest when you are ready to receive healing and transformation on the issue that has surfaced. Being open and receptive to the experience softens you in a way that opens a gateway for the greatest, grandest version of yourself to come forward.

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