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Alchemy - noun al·che·my \ ˈal-kə-mē \

Alchemy is a broad term. Like the word “remote,” it has many different meanings. It is mainly known as an ancient chemical science and philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold. In this case, it is meant as the art of spiritual energetic transformation, creation, and reassembly; taking heavier, less than beneficial energies and transmuting them into LIGHT, and upgrading whole being = body + mind + soul.  My mission is to help YOU navigate, shift and lift the murky and often raging waters of anxiety, depression, loss, trauma, stagnation and fear. I will help you experience healing transformation, take your power back, step into your sacred sovereignty and reunite with your Higher Self and Oneness. I am a spirit shaman called through a sudden illness and death experience, quantum healer, a third degree reiki master teacher, ordained interfaith minister offering holistic guidance, and a former licensed massage and bodywork therapist of 16 years. 


Time and space are "no matter" when it when it comes to energy healing (no pun intended).

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StarLight Energetics™ § Intuitive Resources

StarLight Alchemy™ Healing Session

Shamama SoulFire, Spirit Shaman, Energy Medicine Alchemist Sacred Alchemy

StarLight Alchemy™ is a multidimensional shamanic energy medicine session, and is my signature fusion of the energy healing skills, holistic wellness modalities, and intuitive abilities I have learned, been gifted with and integrated over the years. A few of these are shamanic journeying and energy medicine techniques, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), encoded divine light frequencies, vibration, sound, and sacred scents, reiki, stones, crystals, the elements, channeling and intuitive guidance. It begins with the Energetic Clearing, Restructuring and Balance (listed below). I will use some or all of the aforementioned techniques to enter a trance-state known as a shamanic journey to connect with multidimensional realities/realms of space-time including the domains of Night (underworld/subconscious), Daytime (middle world/conscious), and Heavenly (upper world/spirit) Realms. It is during this journey that we connect with celestial aspects of the deep self, and I channel and/or guide you to information in service of:

  • Healing wounds, betrayals, and traumas throughout space-time thereby removing feelings of being blocked or stuck in life
  • Past Life, Alternate Life, and Future Life Regression
  • Extraction of entities and liquid energies that do no belong to you (thought forms or energies that deplete and disrupt your nervous system), promoting a healthy self-esteem and emotional balance
  • Breaking projections of malevolent intent, creating a clear pathway for more love and abundance to enter into your life
  • Retrieval and reconnection of lost soul parts, divine gifts, and spiritual support in the form of ancestors, guides, teachers, animal allies, and others in order to build a stronger connection to the sacred, your higher Self and to the natural world
  • Reclaiming your personal power and freedom through connection with master/higher self, generating your creative and/or spiritual, intuitive gifts more fully
  • Upgrading and reprogramming light and information within the light body effecting positive 
  • Ceremony for completion of big life changes and life cycles (also available for aid to the dying)

There are different processes and tools available to suit all arising needs, and is a highly individualized experience; no two StarLight Alchemy™ sessions are exactly alike and can last from 2 to 4+ hours. Depending upon your personal needs, I may lead you on your own shamanic journey, myself acting as a guide, witness, and holder of sacred space. You are always an active participant in your own healing...as to how little or how much, that is up to Spirit, my intuition and up to your Higher Self. I will close the session by assisting you in integrating the deep vibrational transformation by using different take-home exercises and holistic guidance, prescribed to you as training to continue to deepen and integrate the changes that took place. You will receive a follow-up email or electronic recording recapping details of and what happened during your healing session and all take home assignments to continue your healing at home. 

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH©)


BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) was created by Candace Craw-Goldman and is based on QHHT. QHHT® stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a regressive hypnosis modality created by the late Dolores Cannon.

BQH is a multidimensional, intuitive and energy based spiritual healing method. While BQH uses elements of what many term as "hypnosis," to explore consciousness it is not a conventional or traditional hypnosis technique itself. BQH encourages connection to higher aspects and energies for information and healing. The StarLight Alchemy™ healing session may (and most often does) include components of BQH, but BQH can be a stand-alone treatment unto itself. Just like any other energy healing modality, it can be conducted in person or remotely via Skype/Zoom/Phone. 

Sessions are recorded for your reflection and reference. 

Energetic Clearing, Restructuring and Balance

Shamama SoulFire chakra balance energy field clearing

Clearing the Luminous Energy Field, balancing the chakras, the dantien centers and upgrading the energy centers is a stand-alone energy healing session, and is the foundation to the Starlight Alchemy™ session. We discuss issues you are having in your life that may be holding you back. This might be a physical concern, an emotional or behavioral issue, a feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed in your life, depression, stress, depleted life force, lack of direction, or really anything that is not serving you anymore. I “track” or identify the energetic source of the issue and use sacred songs, tones, scent, reiki, ceremony, light frequencies, breathwork, vibration, prayer blessings to break up and move heavy energies out of your energy field, dislodge the blockages, and drain them out. Using focused intention and breath, I illuminate the spaces where the imprints were with light-encoded information to upgrade structures and bring the chakras and other energy centers back into balance, allowing your energy field to flow freely. These illuminations might prevent illness from ever expressing itself physically, enhance the immune system, and accelerate healing processes. This session lasts from 1 to 2 hours depending on individual needs. I will close the session by assisting you in integrating the deep vibrational transformation that took place by using different take-home exercises, prescribed to you as homework to continue to deepen and integrate these positive changes. You will receive these in a follow up email or electronic voice recording.

Spiritual Mentorship, Life Coaching, and Intuitive Guidance Services

Shamama SoulFire

Are you beginning a spiritual journey but are having trouble finding your way? Are you in search of answers to the big questions in life and need guidance? Perhaps you are facing substantial shifts in your circumstances and are unsure about how to work through it all. If you are in need of direction, reach out for the helping hand and compassionate, heart-centered council you deserve.   

  • Holistic Guidance for Individuals and Partners
  • Ascension Guidance 
  • Symbolic Reprogramming Reading
  • Life Coaching
  • Stone Readings
  • Soul Mapping
  • Oracle/Tarot readings 
  • Natal Chart Report + Interpretation 
  • BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing)- based on QHHT. QHHT® stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a  regressive hypnosis modality created by the late Dolores Cannon.

In addition to energy healing services and teaching, I am an ordained interfaith minister and as such may perform spiritual counseling, sacred rites and ceremonies for birth, marriage, death or to aid the dying, upon request. 

Reiki and Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions

Shamama SoulFire Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word for universal life-force energy, sometimes called "chi." The practitioner acts as a conduit, channeling this energy by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body. It promotes healing by activating the relaxation response, assisting the body to balance and heal itself on a very deep level. Reiki has been scientifically shown to decrease pain levels, speed healing and relax the mind and body.

Reiki is administered by placing my hands over or on the body in a sequence of light touch and non-touch techniques, spending several minutes holding each position. Acting as a conduit, I channel this energy through myself and out of my hands, into you. Reiki flows where it is needed. Experiences with Reiki usually encompass a sense of well being and relaxation. Some clients may fall asleep. Sometimes a treatment is energizing. There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki.

Remote/Distance Healing is available for all Reiki sessions.


Crystal Reiki 

This re-charging and balancing treatment is a combination of Reiki and the natural healing energy of crystals, stones and gemstones. During this relaxing session, a crystal grid is activated and various crystals/stones are placed on and around the body according to the needs of the individual. Each crystal has its own vibrational energy, which resonates with the various chakras of the body. Through sacred geometry and harmonic resonance, the crystal grid will assist in transmitting specific healing energies. The placement of these powerful stones can aid in the removal of blockages within the energy field and serve to restore balance to the chakra centers within the body. An individual may feel results very quickly, sometimes within minutes. These sessions can have a strong and lasting effect on the body and mind.

•Upgrade your hour-long Crystal Reiki Healing session! In addition to all of the benefits of the Crystal Reiki session, you will receive a customized Crystal Therapy Kit to take home.  At the end of your session, I will create a custom-made bag of crystals/stones tailored to your specific needs, go over a description of the healing qualities of each stone, as well as give instructions so you may continue your crystal therapy at home.  


*For distance healing, please note that an additional charge will be added to cover the cost of shipping your custom Crystal Therapy Kit.   

Home, Space, and Land Clearing + Blessing

Shamama SoulFire

Just like your physical body can get bogged down with heavy, less than beneficial energies, so too can material objects in your environment collect residual energetic frequencies. Your environment should always improve your quality of life and contribute to your health. Blessing a physical space is especially beneficial after a lengthy illness or traumatic experience, is particularly useful if you are buying or selling a home, starting something new, and can be performed routinely to clear the space of stagnant energy. 

Did You Know?

Remote energy healing is every bit as effective as an in-person session! Time and space are "no matter" when it comes to distance sessions.

Feel free to ask questions if you are unsure or need guidance as to what type of energy healing would be an excellent fit for your needs via Facebook, email, or use my online booking tool to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation. I am available by appointment Monday-Thursday at my studio in Tennessee as well as remotely for distance services. No matter if you are local and can't physically get to the office, live in another state, or on the other side of the world, distance healing is for you! 

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