Awaken Your Soul Fire!

Beth Ward


I came to know the truth of our multi-dimensional being and Living Light consciousness after a sudden severe illness and near-death experience initiated me as a shaman + spiritual healer. I endured what I witnessed to be "soul fire" in a walk between worlds. I am in service of lighting a path for others . I am a facilitator, a guide, a receiver, a translator, a witness, an observer, an extractor, a teacher, a way-shower, an energetic alchemist, and an empowerment leader. My calling is to help YOU experience healing transformation, take your power back, step into  your sacred sovereignty and reunite with your Higher Self and Oneness.

It is my honor to invite you to ascend into higher dimensions of holistic wellness!

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Nurture Your Soul Fire

StarLight Energetics™

SoulFire Alchemy TM Shamama SoulFire, Tennessee

StarLight Energetics™ is what I call my signature alchemical fusions of light medicine, shamanic + energy healing skills, Beyond Quantum Healing techniques, holistic wellness modalities, and intuitive abilities--  a formidable tool for deep healing and harnessing the power + strength of your inner truth.

Holistic Wellness + Intuitive Resources

Shamama SoulFire Energetic Wellness and Intuitive Services

Energy Field Clearing, Chakra Balancing, BQH hypnosis, Reiki, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Symbolic Reprogramming, Crystal Therapy, Intuitive Guidance Readings, Home and Land Clearing. Distance Sessions Available.

Soul Nourishing Events + Studies

Reiki Training, Wisdom studies, Retreats and Events at Shamama SoulFire

Wisdom Studies, Ceremonies, Holistic Medicine + Reiki Training, Rituals and Retreats. Whether you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, learning to heal yourself and/or relationships, or wish to begin a practice or expand your own skills as a health practitioner, these events are for YOU!  

SoulFire Alchemy Vlog

Explore sacred alchemy, ancient wisdoms, & experience many formidable tools of healing transformation & high-vibe content! Subscribe to SoulFire Alchemy YouTube channel

Let's Awaken YOUR Soul Fire!

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