Beth SoulFire Alchemy, Shaman, Healing Visionary, Empowerment Leader
Beth SoulFire Alchemy, Shaman, Healing Visionary, Empowerment Leader


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noun | al·che·my \ ˈal-kə-mē \

Alchemy  is a broad term. Like the word “remote,” it has many different  meanings. It is mainly known as an ancient chemical science and  philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of base metals into gold. 

In this case, it is meant as the art of spiritual energetic  transformation, creation, and reassembly; 

taking heavier, less than  beneficial energies and transmuting them into LIGHT, and 

upgrading whole  being = body + mind + soul.  

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Beth SoulFire


I came to know the truth of our multi-dimensional being and Living Light consciousness after a sudden severe illness and near-death experience initiated me as a shaman + spiritual healer. I witnessed "soulfire" in a walk between worlds. I am in service of lighting a path for others. I am a facilitator, a guide, a receiver, a translator, a witness, an observer, an extractor, a teacher, a way-shower, an energetic alchemist, and an empowerment leader. My calling is to help you experience healing transformation, reclaim your birthright-- your own sacred power/sovereignty, and reunite with your higher Self and Oneness.

It is my honor to invite you to ascend into multiple dimensions of holistic wellness!

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